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Nigerian Dwarf is a miniature milking goat originating from West Africa. Nigerian Dwarfs are a relatively new breed in Australia. The first ND born in Australia were breed by Michael and Ulrike from First Fleet in Victoria from semen and embryo imported from the USA. They have since gone on to establish a successful foundation of the breed in Australia. 


Nigerian Dwarfs are endearing for their gentle, friendly, easily trainable nature. They are naturally small in size (under 57cm when fully grown) and make a perfect addition to self-sufficient farms. Their milk is prized for its high butterfat content (6-10%) making it popular for cheesemaking. 

First Fleet Samson - Purebred Nigerian Dwarf

Sire: First Fleet Feel The Burn (Burnie)

Dam: First Fleet Matilda


We are delighted to introduce First Fleet Samson into our herd. Samson (or Sonny for short) is very tightly bred on the First Fleet Chloe line. His breeder, Michael Garwood says, "He is nicely put together, looking very much like his dam in colouring and like his granddam Chloe in structure: tight shoulders, good brisket extension, uphill, with a straight top line, good angulation and good pasterns." 

Riverstone Heart Attack  ND 50

Sire: AGS Dav-Lyn Appolossa USA ND 

Dam: Riverstone Queen Of Hearts Aust. Ch Pure Breed Aust. Mini


We are stoked to own this little lady and again look forward to introducing her excellent genetics into our herd.

Queensbury Farm: Missy, Minx & Wenda ND50

Sire: First Fleet Vaughn Purebred ND100

Dam: Adorable Miss Jewell (Wenda's dam) & Mannaview Tully (Missy & Minx's dam)

These girls are tiny for their age and will be integral to reducing the size of our kids in the future. Each have some admirable qualities that we plan to perpetuate. We love Missy's markings and blue eyes. We love Minx's all black coat, her pretty face and lovely confirmation. We love Wenda's lovely personality, her sweet face and she is polled. All measure under 40cm at 8 months. 

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