Australian Miniature Goats are a "designer goat breed". They were established in 2000 and have become popular with small landowners looking for small farm animals.  Australian Mini's come in all colours and colour combinations, coat types, ear types, eye colours and body shapes. They have friendly temperaments and are curious, gently and easy to train. 


The advantages of Mini goats are numerous. They are perfect for people looking for backyard milkers; a well-bred miniature female can produce enough milk for a family each day.  Minis with cashmere coats can provide fleece for garments or arts & crafts. Goat manure is great for the garden. Miniature Goats make great companion animals and can be kept with horses, cattle, sheep, alpacas and many more species. Miniature Goats are happy on land that is often steep or not accessible to larger animals and so are often used to control weeds and overgrown bush, making them great 'landscapers'.

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