Our stud is located near Nowra on the NSW South Coast. We currently breed Nigerian Dwarf goats. In mid-2018 we introduced the first Nigerian Dwarf buck into our herd - First Fleet Samson. Samson is a descendent of the first Nigerian Dwarf goats imported into Australia. With his excellent genetics, we intend to refine the great traits of our current does and produce small, healthy, friendly animals that will find their place on small farm holdings as mini milkers and landscapers.



About Mojo

     Why Us?
  • We have adopted a humane approach to breeding and as such we deliberately keep our herd small to ensure all our goats receive the best care possible.
  • We only breed a small number of kids each year, and kids are allowed to be nursed by their dams until they reach weaning age. NO BOTTLES BABIES unless for some reason the dams are unable to sustain feeding. When a kid is taken away from their dam for bottle raising, the dam fretts for her kids and kids endure unnecessary stress. 
  • We don't intensively breed our herd and churn out litters upon litters of kids each year. 
  • To limit the painful practice of disbudding we have a large percentage of naturally polled goats and implement a breeding program to maximise the number of polled offspring.
  • Our herd sire and dams are selected not only for their impressive conformation, superior dairy genetics but also for their easy, friendly, and confident temperaments, increasing the likelihood of these endearing qualities in kids.
  • We spend lots of time with each of our kids to ensure they are friendly, socialised and will make great, easy to manage, companions either as pets or as livestock. 
  • We offer friendly advice and follow-up support to new goat owners, along with a kit including one week of feed, health records, collar, and mineral lick. 
  • All goats and kids are registered with Australian All Breeds Miniature Goats and Sheep Society (AABMGS) which is a supportive association offering friendly advice, up-to-date information, and valuable guidance.
  • Our herd is tested annually for Johnes and CAE and have continually tested clear since we begun breeding Nigerian Dwarfs in 2018.